Not Impartial to Knives - Boxing Jaws - Round 2

Met a friend who had swooped up No Knife's setlist and it had an additional song that was subsequently skipped due to time constraints, "Flechette" got the axe this particular evening opening for the mighty 90s Jawbox. It was a nice set, a breath of fresh air as it would be described as nowadays nothing really sounds like either band. Wish No Knife had gotten more popular to reunite again, but they get together every once in awhile to perform a show or two. 9 slamming songs and they went through it like it was nothing, these guys nailed the dueling guitar rhythms to a "T."

Right now as I write this blog post, they're tearing it up at the Casbah which I was seriously considering in going to the show in San Diego. Alas the funds I lack and must stick to my rigamarole of life's sedentary bullshit. Hope my friends down there are having a wicked time with the No Knife crew.

Enjoy these gems!

320mp3 (Higher Fidelity, audio nerds rejoice!)

V0mp3 (High Fidelity, slimmed down the data)


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