Boxing Jaws - Round 2

NOTE: as previously said, there were 2 nights of Jawbox but they're not identical in sound due to the fact they switched soundboard personnel.

Round #2, FIGHT! Opened with FF=66! It was so good, I think the band played with much more gusto. Bill Barbot was on fire this night and was really animated the whole evening through. Such energy and determination was expressed with such precision like a fine tuned machine. This was by far the night to see Jawbox even though No Knife opened up the occasion and was a force to be reckoned with. It was definitely worth seeing both nights to get a perspective of how such a great 90s band could still outdo their previous night's performance. My buddy Dan got a song dedication for driving the band to the Museum of Jurassic Technology and around Los Angeles. Jawbox played 2 covers aside from Tori Amos's classic, "Cornflake Girl," a song by Boston singer/songwriter/guitarist Drew O'Doherty called "The Robbery." Dan txt'd me that Drew played with Ted Leo (and the Pharmacists, maybe?) and that Zach Barocas played drums on a few of his records. So J. became acquainted with O'Doherty's work and decided to cover it during this Partial Overview tour.

320mp3 (Higher Fidelity, for you audio nerds)

V0mp3 (High Fidelity, slimmed down the data)


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