Fonda Failure

I was looking forward to this show for awhile once they announced the Spring dates for Failure with Swervedriver. Being a fan of both bands was music to my ears and to see them together was guaranteed a good time for all. However, I did notice that there were some sour Swervedriver fans not getting a full set since Failure was headlining. Some of these fans were under the impression that this was a co-headlining tour in which they would switch off on headliners, which doesn't make sense... to me at least. There was some backlash at Failure for this reason from Swervies, but it was Failure who asked Swervedriver to take on tour not vice versa.

I'm a bit lukewarm on the latest release probably because I haven't had time to soak my ears in the brine of Failure. The live set was amazing tho, so I will give the songs that I heard credit that they are good ones. I just need to absorb "In the Future your mind will be farthest from your body." The split EPs was an interesting concept and a clever tactic.

Oh yeah, Pledge can go to hell BTW. I only supported "The Heart is a Monster" and didn't invest in the latest release cause some of the prices were ridiculous. Oh yeah, Failure charged $70 for a signed version of the new record and that was goddamned steep for my wallet. So I may forego this album on LP, altho it's been put up on Failure's web/merch store for $30, but that's not including shipping/handling.

Support the band, buy the music, stream it, buy merch etc!




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