A Great Fire of 2020

So a friend recently asked me to look for anything archived by Josh Newton, post-Shiner prior to their reunification as Shiner 2.0 in this particular multiverse. This was all that I found on a data disc, 2 demo songs from The Great Fire of Sixteen Sixty-Six. In hindsight there might have been snippets or sample files of Newton's endeavors, but those maybe lost to the ether forever? Not sure how I got them, friend of a friend may have stumbled upon these via Soulseek (to my surprise is still in use and alive... I think). Not much else to say about these songs, instrumental--yes, but I thought there was 1 song that had vocals maybe not. Oh yeah, another question would be, who else played with this fire? I might have to ask Newton himself...

(CBR) 192kpbs mp3s


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