Someday I Will Look Up and Reference 4

Know wonder Allen Epley grew hip to John Meredith enough to ask him to join his band, The Life and Times. As evident in these 2 albs, Meredith places himself strategically as a song writer and chief lyricist for the now defunct band, Someday I. Both of these albums are dynamic and full of angst capturing a youthful energy in 12 songs averaging a little over half an hour each. The band melds the styles of Shiner, Jawbox, and Quicksand all at once stirring in a pot of angular rock. Also a very strong powertrio to boot, these guys fill in every nook and cranny to occupy the entire space with no fluff attached. I can listen to both of these albums straight through and not get enough. There was a supplemental EP that the band released unofficially that I will put up another time.

Enjoy responsibly!

Look Up and Live

320mp3 debut release


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