Hauling the Keel

Russian Circles touring with Keelhaul and Call Me Lightning. This is audio for the entire set accompanied by video (~5 songs of the set) that was filmed by smitterous. FYI, I didn't record Call Me Lightning, which maybe I should've cause I haven't heard much from them at all--thus not doing my homework to know anything about them.

Sludgy, mathy, angular, amphetamine reptile-ish sounding rock ala Slug or the Cows, but more algebra than geometry or vice versa! I need to give their discography a twirl on the streaming! I had heard of them from message boards but didn't own any music of theirs. Glad I caught them tho, they were excellent live as evidenced in the attached YouTube. Give this a watch and a listen.



Filmed by my buddy, Smitterous


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