Ghosting the Undercurrent

A Japanese rock band that reminds me of Shiner, actually did a tour with The Life and Times are also featured in their homevideo/DVD "Life is Pleasure." These guys sound great, except I have an issue with the snare... sort of, it's got the *pop* of something that I don't know how to compare it too. St. Anger? Not really Lars'ie, but still, wish there was a better sounding snare on this record tho. OH well... The previous album they wrote is a little more screamo than this particular record, different direction. Shiner-san, I believe Tyler Donaldson introduced me to this band when Ghost came out. Everyone be well and stay safe, gotta wake up early for work tomorrow, hence a brief post...



  1. I believe Magnet School from Austin went down there and played some shows with them too! Brandon Tucker (bass) and I were talking about them at a Traindodge show a few years back. Thanks for posting this!


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