Demo of my Enemies

Folks, tonight I received Troy Van Leeuwen's demo from his ole band after Failure broke up, Enemy featuring Eddie Nappi on bass and Alan Cage on drums. This was sent to me tonight thanks to Andrew Pottle from the Failure Mailing List. I have the demo for Locust Fly Zone somewhere, I'll dig that up and see if I can put on the server as well another time. I posted pics from the Casbah show that I attended but didn't tape that one unfortunately or maybe attempted to and the minidisc may have subsequently failed to hold the audio. At least the Troubadour show was captured of Enemy in 2003. Oh yeah, Andrew sent me the original link to that housed this demo in 2000, I remember this layout too and visiting it often to look up news on bands... WOW, what a memory, here's the link to the article on Enemy:


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