2011s The Last Museum's Grand Closing

 ...in Los Angeles, that is. This was the last LA performance by Oakland's Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. It was not known at the time that this was the final date in Los Angeles as expectations for future releases were lingering for the band. This was roughly 12 years ago. The members splintered and formed new projects. One of which being the Free Salamander Exhibit.

An incredible performance tho by this eclectic band, fond of homemade instruments. Nils is such a funny character, with his comedic delivery of on the spot out-of-character quips. This download is version 2, prior download of this show is less punchy and less bright. Giving some life and breath to my ole recordings. 

C'mon, DANCE... Disco Nosferatu!

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:


Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:



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