20th Year Anniversary of Shiner's Finale Show REMASTERED

Were you there? If not, don't fret, this was Brett Wilms recording as I fumbled my way to record this show myself. I used the mp3s I downloaded from Brett's ole site and remastered 'em. I was originally planning on releasing this on January 25th (last month), however priorities got in the way and I'm releasing this to the wild now, on V-Day. 

This may be Shiner's longest set ever played, clocking in at about 23 songs for their Finale back in 2003. The set includes Thax's poetry reading prior to their set. The bands that opened up were if I recall correctly, the Elevator Division, Dirt Nap, & Houston. It was a legendary show and that night I bought "The Egg +2" import CD as well as the Journey Tribute CD. There was an afterparty too, elsewhere at a loft. It was pretty darn cold for a Kansas City winter evening, but it was rad to be there amongst other fans alike. I got "The Egg +2" CD signed by all minus the elusive Josh Newton who didn't attend the party. 

Apologies to Jordan of New Orleans (?) cos Allen gave me his setlist that evening instead of her. 

320 Constant Bitrate mp3s:


V0 Variable Bitrate mp3s:




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