Leader Dredg of the Circa Seven

A four night bill, I had already posted this set previously however I've stepped up my mastering skills [thanks to the drummer of Magna, Morgan Light!]. This improvement is a tad bit louder and brighter then the previous post of this set. The Avalon was once known as the Palace in Los Angeles, now I think it's just a dance club. I did see Mr. Bungle when it was called the Palace during the Disco Volante days (Melt-Banana opened). 

I digress, ok, so Codeseven is worthy of your attention--both guitarists use the Roland guitar synthesizers that mount through the cord. A great example of the use of this particular 'effect' is Vernon Reid of Living Colour on the song "Nothingness." So the guitarists both play piano and regular rocking guitar... on a guitar. Of course it is coupled with a processor that interprets the guitar sounds to whatever one pleases. Even whale mating calls...

Even though Codeseven was 2nd on the bill, they played sprinkles of their last 2 releases. I believe that year it was around an anniversary for "The Rescue" and they were selling signed LPs at the merch booth--which I definitely partook in.

Enjoy this set!

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:


Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:



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