Fused Reefers Fest Yeah

So, excuse the conversation in the intro / start of the set. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the ambient sound in isolation, but the "Vacuum" Moeller was catching up with me at the time. 

I dedicate this set to Josh "The Vacuum" Moeller because at the time he didn't have the scrill to afford to go FYF Fest with Refused headlining. FYF Fest promoters held a contest prior to the event to give away passes for the event. This contest was to submit a mixtape for a throwback to... y'know, cassettes! I made a graffitied-out-boombox out of construction paper with the tape and case inside said 'box! I worked my ass off for this contest and I documented photos of this art project--if only I could find those photos for proof! Anywho, I didn't win the contest, but the promoters awarded me passes for Josh to go! What a fun time it was! Converge, Dinosaur (loud) Jr, and this Swedish band you may have heard of... Refused! 


Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:


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