Regarding Being A Cynic, I've Lost My Focus After 30 years

30 years of the album Focus, I still have my cassette (I think?). I remember I was a freshmen in high school when this album dropped. It wasn't easy back in the 90s to find prog/death metal albums in the wild. It was basically word of mouth, magazines, and touring that helped Cynic gain a foothold in the pantheons of metal. Those were the days, no cellphones, HA! 

Flyer link: here

I caught wind of this announcement through a friend and saw his flyer for this show and instantly knew the reference. I immediately bought a ticket and shared the news with other friends about the show. Though there were technical difficulties for Cynic, they delayed the show roughly an hour. The band were prepping for their upcoming shows to celebrate the 30 years of their album, "Focus." It was also to celebrate and honor the lives of Sean Reinert and Sean Malone. Paul Masvidal, the sole remaining original member of the band admitted that some of the songs were performed with a few blemishes, however it was the first time that the new crew of Cynic played since 2008 or so. Right now, I think that year is not ringing a bell, I think they played the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles in 2010 to perform Focus and Traced in Air back to back. At least that's how I recall from seeing the zip file.

Anywho, it was a great night of seeing friends from the metal scene that I hadn't reached out to in a while. Thanks to The Real Concert King for the audio he recorded from this night and shared it with me for you to enjoy!

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