My Ruff Endless Summer Bummer

Adam Siegel of Infectious Grooves of the Suicidal Tendencies family had a band in the mid 1990's called, My Head. I don't remember how exactly I found them, maybe it was the cassingle (cassette single) they released with the song, "Carnasaur," that I instantly fell in love with. An ole buddy of mine, Daniel Pennington (RIP), had their rough mixed album on cassette and I had to have a copy of it right away. Thank you, Daniel, for having this album ahead of time. It took a while for My Head's "Endless Bummer" to be released but this recording held me over nonetheless. A few of the songs that didn't make the ...Bummer were:

"Fearless" Pink Floyd cover
"Chain of Hate"
"Ultra Drown"

I just realized that Endless Bummer was supposed to release in Spring of 1994, but didn't get released 2 years later ( 

My Head's version of Fearless is great, listen to this and reminisce of the mid 1990's!

OH! I released this a bit ago, but I remastered it!

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:


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