1 Red Hot B-Side

I used to LOVE the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In my opinion their hay day was in the 90s, but now they're an internationally loved band, and still churning out mindless hits. BUT, when my friend, Josh Klinghoffer, became the guitarist for RHCP I listened and fanboyed them once again. For roughly 10 years that he was a Chili Pepper I had to bare Anthony Kiedis's 1-dimensional crooning. Josh was great in the band, but the band had to kick him out and re-invite John Frusciante into the fold. Thus, my hate is deeper for the Red Hots. 

Another thing to ponder that my buddy, Tony, brought up, is that Chad Smith is a run-of-the-mill rock drummer. Not a funk drummer, mind you. What... IF? Aside from Anthony Kiedis being the weakest talent in the band, Chad Smith would be next...

This B-Side might have been released with "Gong Li" (another B-Side as well) with the "Scar Tissue" single. This is an instrumental, so fear not, you don't hear Kiedis's vox on this.

anti-RHCP rant over, here's "Instrumental #1" w/Frusciante, Flea and Chad:

Constant Bitrate 320mp3:

Variable Bitrate V0mp3:


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