Loot the Sober Singles

Both of these soundboard live tracks were from different import "Sober" CD singles. "Bottom" has the original lyrics intended for the song pre-Rollins I suppose. "Intolerance" is the other live track that I discovered in my archives, I also remastered these and gave them a boost as well. 

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:
http://el1011.com/tool/Tool-SoberSingle.320mp3.zip Links fixed!

Variable Bitrate V0mp3s:
http://el1011.com/tool/Tool-SoberSingle.V0mp3.zip Links fixed!

This was a CDr bootleg I bought I forget where from, but it had a nice tracklisting and of course the title was funny. "Third Leg" features songs from the Aenima- and Undertow-era. Unfortunately this recording cuts off the last half of "Third Eye," since the company who made this ran out of real estate on a 80 minute CDr. Adam misses a few notes on the beginning of "Forty-Six & Two" and "Prison Sex" is the O.T.R.M. version. I did attempt to remaster this, but there were many parts of this recording that were particularly difficult to boost without clipping or sound artifacts. The rip of this CDr is as is, so no boosts were harmed in this recording...

Constant Bitrate 192kbps mp3s:


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