A Builder of Light: Report

2 nights ago was the 2nd night of Shrinebuilder and A Storm of Light. The opener was a band called Night Horse, which featured members of Ancestors and Bluebird. The night started late but I was able to get home in a timely manner. Earlier in the day they had an event at the Echo but discovered during soundcheck that the PA was not working. So the Echo crew had to scramble to rent PA speakers or else they would've canceled the show. The sound was not great of course and the levels weren't conducive to recording. This time there weren't any technical difficulties for A Storm of Light, thankfully. They played an awesome set. Shrinebuilder was great too, they covered each others songs from each of their respective bands, pretty cool. The night went on and I got out about 1240am, just in time for my ride to pick me up. It was a good nite indeed. This nite was packed which was good!

On a side note, I have bad news about tomorrow night, Sunday's Philm show @ the Dragonfly--I won't be able to make it due to health reasons. It's something I have to take seriously and will have to bow out this Sunday. I will cover hopefully Philm one of these days, but not tomorrow or next Friday when they play with Jucifer. I'll be okay. It will take some time, but it'll be worth it.


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