A Storm Of Shrines:Report

Hey folks, so last night the opening band, "Green and Wood," had some technical difficulties with a full stack of Orange amps. The girl's guitar could not be heard through out the set. Sux. Then A Storm of Light came on and the guitarist/singer had an amp malfunction of some sort resulting in a huge buzzing sound. So their set was cut REALLY short--I mean 2 long songs and that was it, but not long enough past 20 minutes. Hopefully tonight will make up for that. I noticed that the place wasn't packed and according to a friend it wasn't a good idea to have 2 CA dates back to back. So the fans were spread thin and it wasn't sold out. It was a good crowd, but there was still energy in the air from Shrinebuilder. Man, the bass was loud and prominent, moreso than the guitars! I think it will be evident in the recording so stay tuned folks! Tonight is round 2, should be fun, I'm trying to remember who's the 1st band which was in the recent Spaceland email blast. This Friday and Saturday are dedicated to splicing and dicing the recent shows, so they should be up by Sunday or Monday night. I need to buy the CD or crunch down on the LP w/the D/L card. Not sure, but I might be going to Coachella now, we shall see...


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