The Circuit of Brant

Good morning folks! Here's a boot update from me!

Last night I updated the site w/The Joy CIrcuit from the Viper Room in 2004 and Brant Bjork @ Vacation Vinyl from 3/18/09. A few people were asking for The Joy Circuit so I went ahead and re-transferred it to the Edirol and it's now ready for consumption. This was one of the few performances in which I recorded on Minidisc. I do have another show of theirs from Spaceland, so be on the look out for that.

Brant Bjork was the drummer of Kyuss and played with Fu Manchu among other bands. This was a FREE show @ Vacation Vinyl. Awesome set too. Wish I had gone to the Echo show the night before. But now I'm a new fan of his! Oh, if you know the songtitles to this set, please email me! Thanks! OH NOTE, I do not know the song titles to Brant's set, any help would be apprecated in RE: to this.

Joy Circuit / V0mp3s

Brant Bjork / V0mp3s


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