Brant's Casual Philm

Hi folks,

I recorded the Brant Bjork set last night at Vacational Vinyl. What an awesome set, I'm not all that familiar with his solo stuff but definitely the Kyuss music. Need to get me solo albums and Fu Manchu. Played for a little over a half an hour which was great because it was FREE! Need to get song titles probably from other fans and maybe wait till the album drops in a week and a half. I'll try to splice it tonight and wonder if I should upload w/o the song titles?

Last week Sunday, was a smorgasborg of metal. About 5 or 6 bands played a FREE show @ the Dragonfly. Pretty sweet! The highlighted bands that I recorded were It's Casual and Philm. Both bands breathed new life into me. Damn good sets by both! I had to leave during the 2nd song of Jucifer so I did not have the chance to record them. They were loud!!!!! Philm was fantastic, Dave Lombardo was nailing the skins pretty hard! The rest of the dudes in the band are super cool! I'll try to get around to getting them up online this weekend. Not exactly sure when, but stay tuned here!


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