Hackin' The Dots

Hi folks, here's an update for today, the following was emailed to me from Nate. He has been communicating w/Mr. Klinghoffer and got the song titles for the 2 shows that I recorded. Here's the tracklisting:

Dot Hacker
The Echoplex

1 Order/Disorder
3 IdleIdolIdyl
4 Eye Opener
5 The Earth Beneath
6 The Wit Of The Staircase

2/27/2009 El Cid

1 Order/Disorder
3 The Wit Of The Staircase
4 IdleIdolIdyl
5 Eye Opener (Cut)

On a sidenote: Dot Hacker is playing again this coming Monday @ Spaceland w/Warpaint, FOR FREE!!!

On an unrelated sidenote: ...Of The Horizon is playing a FREE show @ Mountain Bar in Chinatown. Show starts @ 9pm. Special guests: Voodoo Merchant.


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