Envy Says FYFYFY

Fuck Yeah Fest Festival started had a primordial state and was a rough but sweet ship. It was a one day fest while being spread out all over Echo Park. Bunch of bands, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Envy played this date and it was in a type of wreck room/facility and the room was packed. This was captured on my Sharp minidisc recorder and Sony condensor mic. At this time of their career they had just released their opus "Insomniac Doze." Prior to this release they mostly had been a screamo type hardcore band, but with "Doze" they venture out into post-rock territory. The band played a pretty good set of a mixture of their repertoire and they chose wisely! Here it is, oh yeah, this is a RE-DO of this show but brighter and louder and slower!



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