Reptilian 'Toid

The Announcement in East LA is an interesting art compound that occasionally holds shows there. This was my first show seeing Reptoid, Drafted by Minotaurs, Cinder Cone, and Hex Horizontal.

It was my first time seeing Reptoid as well and they were quite something. A one-man band of sorts with drums that are heavily effected and possibly using triggers on the kit. Pretty innovative and sounded really cool. Plus the drummer has a mask with the mic built into it ala Mike Patton's Tomahawk days. The music is droney and heavy, just the way I like. At first not knowing what to expect, as soon as he started playing the huge pedal board and table for mixing made a lot of sense.

The venue for Reptoid's performance was perfect and the PA sounded good with all the effects and his vocals. Highly recommended to checking him out if he's in your neck of the woods.


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