Rattled and HUM'd

Well, I err'd, which is not a regular occurrence. The date of this show was from, OH WAIT A SEC, I'm mixing this show up with one I did last night, so the date on this IS from 1998. Late last night I worked on a show from 2008, I was a bit crosseyed just now. Well, moving right along...

This was a show obtained from dimeadozen.org a couple years ago. It has "Apollo" on it, which is pretty special. NOTE: this recording went from Cassette ripped to computer probably and after many generations or so, the last song has the "skipping" sound from a Compact Disc = meaning it was ripped not so great during that song to computer.

I might have the cassette lying around if I did trade it eons ago. I *might* rerip the last song *if* I have the cassette...



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