In 1996, this band released an album that should've made more thunder than AC/DC, ok, maybe not Thunderstruck, but should've made the Big Bang back in the day... Ok, no, Barkmarket was a band that I fell in deep love with when I was working at Tempo Schlempo...  OK, Tempo Records. I found their promo CD in a pile of promos and listened to "L. Ron" at our listening station (remember those? Thanks Blockbuster!). The 1st song called Visible Cow smacked me silly and I instantly became a fan. Unfortunately the album didn't make expectations of the label and the band imploded like a fart in a forest and was not heard. It's late, I should be in bed, enjoy this set from Switzerland. No, I wasn't there to record this, someone did from their anonymous heart! Enjoy Coca-cola!


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