Failed at the Whisky

This would be the 1st show that was filmed at the Whisky A Go Go in 1996, prior to the famous December 16, 1996 gig. My friend ripped my 2nd generation of this VHS to DVD of this show a few years ago that was on May 28, 1996. This was a set a tad bit shorter than the December show and might have been their first show due to the Slash/Warner Brothers record label fiasco.

A little history on this VHS, I wasn't in charge of the master but remember fellow Failure mailing lister Ben did. He bought the VHS master tape from the Whisky and I was there to witness the transaction. It was from there that I knew what to do for Failure's next gig at the Whisky which I dupp'd for other Failure mailing list members.


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