Demos of the Enemy of 1666

The Great Fire of 1666 was a band that sprouted feet I forget when but roughly around or after Shiner's The Egg was released. It was Josh Newton's band, but I don't recall too much about the line up of the band. I had 2 mp3s of the songs beforehand a long time ago, but at the request of a friend, another fan had the original Myspace Demo that I uploaded recently. Last night I decided to remaster the 1666 demo and share it here. 

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:

Another demo that was requested by a fan and another fan shared the files, was for Troy Van Leeuwen's Enemy. A short-lived project but Van Leeuwen couldn't pass up playing for Queens of the Stone Age. Enemy did release an album called "Hooray for Dark Matter" in which some of the demos made it on. The demo that was shared was sans the song, "Locust Fly Zone" (now just called "Locust") so I added it to the 6 songs that were submitted. This now 7 song demo is remastered, enjoy!

Constant Bitrate 320mp3s:


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