9-9-9 upside down # of the beast!

I recently uploaded a show from 2 weeks ago of Emily Wells on the infamous date, 9/9/09. She was amazing and performed all by herself without her 2 bandmates. It was stripped down and bare. Still she was armed with her Violin, Boss RC50, and other instruments. Of course she played what may seem to be her signature hit, "Juicy" by the late Notorious BIG. From what another fan at the show said that he heard the tune on KCRW. She really makes the song her own and it's far apart from the original. Her other songs are hers tho, well-crafted symphonies, if you will. She has a unique way of ensnaring the audience with her skills as a violinist and intricate live sampling.

On a side note, this was how I stumbled upon Emily Wells. El Ten Eleven played at Hotel Cafe the night she was playing. I had a conversation with Emily and Kristian while discussing the advantages of the Boss RC50 sampling pedal. Kristian had it for a bit and tried learning it, BUT he's set in his ways and opts for 3 separate looping pedals. None of which is the Boss RC50.

So here's the show, for your downloading pleasure:

V0/mp3, Here

Next is the 1996 set from Lollapalooza of Thirty Ought Six at the Irvine Meadows. I remember it was a HOT day that day on August 3rd. The heat was sweltering. The band played on through their own faucets of sweat. While the sting of the mosquito was unknown, the sonic blasts continued on pulverizing each listener. Oh, BTW, this set was recorded in Lo-Fi cassette and was transferred recently to my Ed. I beefed up the sound by eq'ing it a bit for loudness. This was the 1st of 2 days at Lollapalooza.

Enjoy this ear-melting punishment for your downloading pleasure:

V0/mp3, Here


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