Uploaded Shows Update Pt 1

Well, I tried figuring out most of the song titles for the sets I worked on yesterday (check yesterday's post). I just emailed System and Station, Intronaut, The Outline, and The Valley Arena for help w/their sets. I'll have some difficulty with the Sleepytime Gorilla Museum show tho, a lot of new songs there.

Here's a recording of Chavez @ the Bowery Room in NYC. NOTE: The soundman had his head up his ass cos the guitars were drowned in bass. You can barely hear both guitars in the mix. I don't really know if this show was worthwhile or not. Here it is:


Here's a recording of Josh Klinghoffer's Dot Hacker live @ El Cid. There was a set time snafu and Dot Hacker played so late that I had to leave for fear of not getting to my buddy's place in time. The last song gets cut. So enjoy what was recorded:


So just waiting on those 4 sets that I emailed those band's myspaces. So please be patient!


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