Circuitry of the Mew Part 2

Alright, I just uploaded the Mew show from Detroit Bar last night. I think it came out much better than the Troub show by far. The set itself was longer than the Troub set too! That was a big bonus for me.

Costa Mesa is a far place to go, but it was worth going w/my buddy, Cas, and his wife. Detroit Bar is in an outdoor plaza and is a strange place to hold a venue. Parking is bad there, very bad, you have to park in a neighboring residential area. The place was TINY!!! Holds fewer than the Troub and more intimate. Mew brought a HUGE projector with them or at least rented one. They were amazing last night. Glad to have recorded them.

BTW, the opener was a local band which was an odd fitting. Country-ish swooning... meh...

And without further adieu again:

V0/mp3s here


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