YYYs in Concert Last Ev'ning

Well, it was my first time at a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show. I have to say I was impressed by Karen O's energy on stage. Quite entertaining I must say.

The day started yesterday leaving home about 10:50 AM for Pomona. Traffic was not bad at all and I arrived there at 12:30 PM. Altho, google had the incorrect address for the Fox Theater, I was able to walk over to the correct address that it was at on W Third St instead of Garey Ave.

There were a few fans there in line and introduced myself. Met Andrew, Carla, and a couple others where I forgot the formalities. All nice people!!! There's a great rapport with fans of this particular band.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the doors were @ 8pm and the first band would go on @ 9pm. So I was basically at the Fox Theater for the majority of the day. Ace stopped by for a bit and I held his place in line. Turns out that the 21+ crowd were given first dibs in the front, so I saved what I could for Ace to get up there.

HERE IT IS, Enjoy:


Here's some vids to tide you over, via Ace:


Y Control

Dull Life

Maps (Acoustic)

Soft Shock


  1. You Are Awsome! thanks for making this available :] it was soo nice meeting you tooo!


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