2 Nites Ago

Saw the great Maserati open for Mono last Tuesday on a rainy night. Not sure if it was sold out, but it filled up pretty good that evening. This'll be a short posting but I got a bit sick going into Mono's set, I was tired from my 5th night of concerts in a span of a week! Felt a bit nauseous that forced me to leave the show early unfortunately. Met some cool ppl, glad I was able to record all of Maserati and a bit of Mono (~20min). I'm a 21 year old trapped inside of a 34 year old body, I guess that's my only guess for why I felt so nauseous. To the Mono fans, I apologize. I hope that some Mono fans are now Maserati fans from Tuesday night's wonderful performance.

Off to see the Jesus Lizard. Signing out!


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