Pelican vs 2 headed Cobra

Tonight was awesome, it was a triple feature at the Troubadour--Sweet Cobra, Black Cobra, and Pelican. Amazing sets by all 3 bands. I was impressed with Sweet Cobra and Black Cobra! It was Sweet Cobra's first time to the West Coast and the 2nd time I've seen Black Cobra (Spaceland). Pelican slayed and they played tunes mostly off of the new album (which I bought the CD/DVD pkg). I told the drummer that I recorded their set (Sweet Cobra) and he hooked me up with their 1st CD!!! I recorded all sets as 24bit/48kHz recordings. Altho, I stayed primarily on the left hand side of the stage for Pelican, the guitar for Trevor were louder than on the right hand side of the stage, so the mix might not be the best. But another buddy recorded from the center of the stage in front of the band, so hopefully if mine doesn't come out so well, that I'll trade for his recording... I'll try to get all the sets uploaded in a timely manner... SHIT, I have to do the Jesus Lizard show too. Sorry folks to keep you waiitng. I'll do my best to get to that this weekend!


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