Past 2 Nites

2 nights ago I saw Intronaut, 16, and Destroy Judas on Saturday the 17th. Last night I saw Dysrhythmia and National Sunday Law. I had to leave soon after the set for Dysrhythmia because I have to get ready for a septoplasm this morning. I'm not to eat or drink anything after midnight this morning... NOT even water!!! Well, I survived but now I feel like I have sort of a hangover from not having water in my system. Anyways, I have to leave soon. Take care all as I will too.

Please be patient cause hopefully I'll have time to work on my shows while I stay at home all week after my op.


  1. Dude, i dont know what a septoplasm is, but it sounds scary! Take it easy will ya, as much as i appreciate you running from show to show and taping and splicing and getting them out, give yourself some room to breathe!!! Hope all went well...


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