Maserati/Jesus Lizard/SDRE


Maserati is awaiting 2 songs that need names, I just emailed Coley to see if he can help me out with these brand new tunes. Keeping fingers crossed that he'll give me the ok to release the whole set as well. The whole show is ready to go and once the song titles are known, then upload to server!!!

Jesus Lizard is not spliced and diced yet.

SDRE: 3 shows thanks to Luke79 who asked me to eq these for him. The recent Tempe show, Troubadour show from 2000 and Vegas 2000. Going to work on Tempe first...

This weekend: 2 more shows on Saturday (Intronaut, 16, Destroy Judas) and Sunday (Dysrhythmia, Nat'l Sunday Law and Solar Wimp)!!!


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