Last Night's sets! Pt Deux

It's been since June that tickets went on sale and that Sunny Day Real Estate's tour was announced. I didn't expect it to sell out as fast as it did, which only took 2 days after it was announced. So I didn't have a ticket to this show for 2 months until I bumped into a KCC classmate and told her my predicament for SDRE a few weeks ago. Upon discussing my hectic "Rocktober" month, I told her my woes of not having a ticket to one of my favorite bands. Well, she said with a smile I have your ticket!!! Turns out another classmate's sister works for Ticketmaster and got 2 tickets for himself and her. Unfortunately, the day of the show, my classmate was flying in to LAX from Tokyo that day and she said she would be exhausted from the flight and the jet lag. SO I lucked out in getting a ticket. Plus I owe her face value for the ticket, thank goodness!

A couple days ago I get an email from a buddy who I haven't seen in awhile since the last Jane's Addiction show @ the Echoplex in February. He's an awesome photographer and pretty much likes most of the bands I like. SO, he had an extra ticket for Saturday, Anaheim's show and yesterday's, Henry Fonda show. WOAH! I couldn't go to Saturday's SDRE show since I was seeing Far and These Arms Are Snakes @ the Knitting Factory. But I made a few phone calls to see who would be able to buy the tix off him. I did have a buddy who claimed the LA ticket thankfully! At least he was able to sell the tix at the Anaheim show with no hitches.

So, last night was amazing, I was happy to hear my faves of LP2, "Iscarabaid" and "Theo B." Other LP2 songs they opened w/"Friday," played "5/4" and ended the night w/"J'nuh." Since this tour was in support of their remastered reissues, they of course played a majority of "Diary." Pretty sweet night. I was looking forward to "Spade and Parade" but that was skipped in last night's set. Well, why don't you just download the set for free and check it out yourself!!!

Sunny Day Real Estate - Henry Fonda, V0mp3

Far - The Knitting Factory, V0mp3


  1. Awesome Darsh, these sound great! Cant wait for the TAAS-set!

  2. Wish I could have gone. Thanks though. :]


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