Last Night's sets!!!

Well, last night was great all around!!! Saw Touche Amore, Far, and These Arms Are Snakes at the Knitting Factory. How? I tell you it was convenient that Knitting Factory has 3 stages; Main Stage was Touche Amore, Far, and Thursday (which I skipped); Front Stage was DD/MM/YYYY (couldn't make), and These Arms Are Snakes. Thank goodness that TAAS was only $10. Not bad, not bad!

Far electrified the night by opening the set with "The System." They played mostly off Water & Solutions and a few from Tin Cans. Unfortunately they didn't unveil any new songs, which was what I was hoping for.

i already spliced and eq'd both Far & These Arms Are Snakes, they just need to be tagged and uploaded, which I'll do tomorrow!!!

I'll write up more later, I have to get ready to leave for LA for tonight's Sunny Day Real Estate show...


  1. DD/MM/YYYY isn't bad at all, too bad you couldn't fit it in. thanks for all the great recordings man.


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