Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nu Linkage: Traindodge! mp3s!

Shows for D/Ling consumption:

Houston 5/19/02 V0/mp3
Shiner 5/19/02 V0/mp3
Traindodge 5/13/09 V0/mp3

I made variable bit rate (VBR) mp3s for a few of my shows for those who don't embrace the Apple codec (AAC). I just did the Traindodge show last night (not from last night, but from 5/13/09) so that's hot off the press. I'll put up the other sets from that night later (Cinder Cone & National Sunday Law, I don't remember if I recorded Hurt Model). Let me know if there's any glitches in the Traindodge show, I tried listening to each track back thru headphones to make sure nothing is clipping. Traindodge of course mostly played off their newest album, "I am forever." It was really good seeing them live again in town AND it was a FREE show.

I will be putting up more shows soon that I'll be re-doing and putting up more VBR mp3'd shows. So embrace the pace!!!

Addendum (from theprp.com):

Additional live footage of Cave In's recent 'reunion' show that took place at Great Scott in Allston, MA earlier this month has made its way online here. Further footage from the multi-camera shoot is promised to surface shortly. Cave In's new 12" EP "Planets Of Old" will see a release tomorrow, July 28th, through Hydra Head.

Red Sparowes and Russian Circles will be teaming up for some southwestern U.S. shows in November with more details to be announced soon. Both bands have new efforts in the wings with Red Sparowes plotting a fall release for their new EP "Aphorisms" to be followed by a new album early next year; while Russian Circles are set to drop their latest effort "Geneva" through Suicide Squeeze on October 20th.

Shrinebuilder, the new project featuring members of Neurosis, Sleep, Saint Vitus and Melvins fame, are gearing up for a September release date through Neurot for their debut offering.

Glassjaw are recording a new track today according to a new post on band frontman Daryl Palumbo's Twitter account. The group have around an EP's worth of new material in the works and are said to be planning to release sometime in the future.

hese Arms Are Snakes will be hitting the road later this year for the following North American headlining run which will see DD/MM/YYYY handle most of the supporting duties:
September 13th Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret
September 15th Calgary, AB - Broken City
September 16th Edmonton, AB - Pawn Shop
September 17th Saskatoon, SK - Amigo's
September 18th Winnipeg, MB - Royal Albert Arms Hotel
September 19th Fargo, ND - The Aquarium
September 20th Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
September 22nd Chicago, IL - Subterranean
September 23rd Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room
September 24th Rochester, NY - The Bug Jar
September 26th New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
September 27th Cambridge, MA - TT The Bear's
September 28th Philadelphia, PA - Kung Fu Necktie
September 29th Washington, DC - DC9
September 30th Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
October 01st Atlanta, GA - Star Community Bar
October 02nd Tallahassee, FL - Club Downunder
October 03rd Orlando, FL - Will's Pub
October 05th Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon
October 06th Austin, TX - Red 7
October 10th Los Angeles, CA - Knitting Factory
October 11th San Diego, CA - The Casbah
October 13th Visalia, CA - Cellar Door
October 14th San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
October 16th Portland, OR - Rotture
October 17th Seattle, WA - The Vera Project

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Week & Weekend in 6/4

I made a trip to Hydrahead's (Yes We're) Vacation Vinyl Record Store today. Wow, lot's of goodies to be found in there and scored 2 vinyls (pistachio & green tea colored) of Cave In's new 12" EP "Planets of Old" and the Russian Circles/These Arms Are Snakes split 12" (clear white vinyl). They have a small stockpile of Cave In's "Planets of Old" at the store. Man, they had a lot of cool vinyl in there. Luckily I refrained from buying more. Lot of collector's vinyls in there that were nicely priced. The decor was simple and cool. For a specialized store like that, all you need is a person to operate the register and hand out change. They do have a separate sections for rock, hip hop, "unholy metal," and others. A collection of interesting 7". A medium sized selection of CDs, most of which are hydrahead releases. Overall rating of the store: A+.

Excited this week for opening sets of [Post Foetus] and Emily Wells @ Spaceland on Wednesday. The headliner for the evening is Themselves. I love both the opening bands, full of energy and eclectic styles of talent. Saw [Post Foetus] open for Kárin Tatoyan @ the Echo. I saw Emily Wells @ Hotel Cafe playing a set before El Ten Eleven.

This past week I saw Elbow @ the Wiltern Theater on Wednesday. Elbow was amazin' and tight. They played lots from their recent release, "The Seldom Seen Kid," and various melodies from their previous albums. I was hoping for more from "Cast of Thousands," but oh well, I should've seen them back then when I had the chance... which was at Spaceland and they played a short 6 song set. They weren't very popular then, but after "Leaders of the Free World" came out, then the spark happened among fans. Mellowdrone & Jesca Hoop opened. I have to say, that Mellowdrone have changed their style a bit from their older days of dark shoegazin. Embarrassing to say, it's gone more adult contemporary and less experimental and rocky. Shame, their older stuff was great, can't say the same for the newer mat'l. Jesca Hoop was just her, her back up vocalist, and an acoustic guitar that was rarely strummed, but more plucked individual strings. The set was enchanting for a bit, but not enough for me to race to the merch booth to buy a CD. However, I did score a $10 balcony ticket for Gomez on 8/3 @ the Wiltern...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Happy!!! Joy Joy!!!

I got me some Mew tix for the Troubadour on 9/1!!! Found out thru the newsletter an hour it was sent out!!! I jumped on the opportunity cos I know this show will go fast!!!

BTW, this makes up for not seeing Mew open for NIN for Wave Goodbye final dates. Now I don't have to see NIN to see Mew!!! AWESOME! Altho, I sort of miss NIN, but $65 for 1 ticket, good grief, man.

Status: I have xferred my buddy's old band, Anandasong @ the Alterknit Lounge. Dave Wessner, you and your talent are missed!!! I still listen to "A fortunate fall" to this very day. You can d/l the album here. Remember to listen to your odd musical signature intervals folks!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Minidisc Xfer Update

A few days ago, I transferred my Boilermaker show from October 7, 2001 from the Casbah. It was Boilermaker's CD release show for "Leucadia." It was my 1st and last show that I went to. It was a special show, they had just obtained the rights to their music and "Leucadia" was a compilation of the previous 3 albums they released including 2 new tracks.

Last November Terrin Durfey of Boilermaker fame passed away from a bout with cancer.

Moving on to today, I transferred a few more shows. I'm doing this in chronological order (or the ones that are marked w/dates I do first) and started this afternoon with a soundboard recording of No Knife from the Casbah on the night of their CD release show for their album, "Riot For Romance!" It was a pretty sweet night, cause Houston opened and Denali played. At the time I had no idea who Denali was and it's a shame that I didn't record their set that night. I was totally blown away tho. Great stuff!!! Houston's set was a soundboard recording, but that one was not mixed from the board too well. I did transfer that set, but I'm going to sit on that one for awhile till I release it.

Oh yeah, rewind to a few days ago, I was able to transfer both Houston and Shiner sets from November 2nd, 2001. Shiner's set was the infamous "The Egg" in its entirety. I still have to find those discs from the November 1st, 2001 shows of Houston & Shiner. The 2nd (11/2/01) show has a lot of natural reverb so it has a certain feel but I prefer the 1st (11/1/01) show over the 2nd cos there's no natural reverb to worry about.

Perhaps I'll work on it tonight? Maybe? I need to do some catching up on TV, but maybe...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Redux of Shiner/Houston

Ok, last night it was too late to blog since I had to wake up early this morning to water a mom's friends' plants. Anyways, I re'eqed 2 sets from Spaceland in Silverlake from May 19th, 2002. What a great show, I was so giddy when I was transferring these sets to my edirol.

I'm sad to say tho I listened back to 2 minidiscs that are not fairing well, my acclaimed Houston & Shiner sets from 2001 (November 1), @ The Curtain Club. I've yet to listen to the sets by both bands from November 2nd, 2001 @ Emo's in Austin, TX.

Hopefully finding the copies of the audio CDs will cover these bases.

Right now I'm listening to the Houston show and it sounds great. I'm glad I didn't have to get another minidisc player to re-do my shows. Once I'm done listening to this set again from Itunes, I'm going to see if the 11/2/01 show from Austin lasted, which I am half doubtful and half hopeful.

Here's the links:
The Houston set 05/19/02 TOTAL MB=57.2MB: Download Here...
The Shiner set 05/19/02 TOTAL MB=81.6MB: Download Here...


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Xferring 1 show @ a time...

I'm grabbing what I blogged for the Houston blog on myspace, but slightly will update it now in realtime, y'know?

Right now I'm transferring my Shiner show from 5/19/02. Before "now" I xferred the Houston set from the same date.

I've discovered that I might not need to borrow another minidisc player but that some older minidiscs are dying on me. For example my 1st recorded Houston show has a bad fuzzy bass sounding static, this was from 11/1/01. Yeah, it's an old minidisc (the media or rather the disc, not the player). Unfortunately, the Shiner show from 11/1/01 has also the fuzzy bassy static.

Well, I won't be able to "master" the 5/19/02 shows till tomorrow... MAYBE??? Hopefully I'll have time in the evening to work on it.

I will be releasing the FLACs of this particular show soon, but I do have to get advice from some friends on mastering these shows. I want to do a good job.

Oh yeah, speaking of mastering, anyone use "Amadeus Pro" for the Mac? I just got it and the eq is pretty cool, but I have no clue how to compress it!!!

A-HA!!! It just occurred to me that I made a CD directly from the 1st minidisc xfer back in 2001... So, I can use those and master what's on those discs!!! All is not lost!

Did I mention that the Shiner show from 11/1/01 is the acclaimed "The Egg" in its entirety performance... Certainly a gem for any fan of Shiner.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bootleg D/L update

The first night of Dredg at the Troubadour on May 22nd. Beautiful set. Highlights for me was "The Canyon Behind Her" and the new album songs. Terrific band!!!

dredg @ Troubadour 5/22/09 Download here...

Ahhh, The Life and Times, an awesome band from KCMO (Kansas City, MO). Allen Epley of ex-Shiner fame takes his latest adventure in the form of a 3-pc. Wonderful band live and off the stage. Played a majority of Tragic Boogie which was such a treat. The album was recorded early last year I think and they finally found a home for the album in the form of Arena Rock Records late last year. Tragic Boogie was released on 4/14/09. It was a long overdue album and the wait was worth every minute. The following is a show that happened in May.

The Life and Times @ Spaceland 5/18/09 Download here...

The next show is an older one from last year's summer. An awesome night that introduced LA fans to 5 new songs from the forthcoming Tragic Boogie. This was the first time I heard "The Politics of Driving."

The Life and Times Download here...

Remember kiddies, that all my shows are on my other site: http://el1011.com

Hit me up if there's any broken links!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Music Schlack Shows July Ed!

Below are a list of shows that I'll be attending. NOTE: no shows in September... yet.

20090711 Tortoise @ The Troubadour
20090717 Three Mile Pilot @ Spaceland
20090719 Sonomaris @ The Scene (I booked this show!!!)
20090722 Elbow @ The Wiltern
20090731 The Great Deceivers @ Versai
20090807 The Black Heart Procession @ Spaceland (Not sure if I'm going to this)
20090811 Sunn O))) @ Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock
20090814 El Ten Eleven @ Bootleg Theater (Homecoming from a month long tour!)
20091011 Sunny Day Real Estate @ Henry Fonda Theater (I need a ticket as well as 2 more friends
20091013 Mono / Maserati @ El Rey Theater
20091015 The Jesus Lizard @ Henry Fonda Theater

And I'm seriously backlogged on shows that I need to release on my other site (http://el1011.com). Ughhh, that's going to be awhile and I also want to redo my minidisc shows. I think I have well over a 100 minidiscs too. Some classic shows that were digitized. Stay golden, folks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In ze Beginninz...

Ahh, yes, my 1st blog... Hmm where to begin, where to start?

Well, I'm an avid music lover in the sense that I go to many shows/concerts.

I also play guitar and a little bit of bass. I haven't sequenced in Fruity Loops in about a year; need to jump on that soonish but I need a working PC. My lappy needs a specific video driver to enchance the visuals before I install WinXP on der.

Oh, excitin' news, Cave In released a digital single from their upcoming 12" vinyl release of "Planets of Old." As soon as Antenna is done playing, I will listen to this new track that was released today!!!

Oh yeah, I booked my 1st show for my buddy's band, Sonomaris! It's on July 19th, Sunday at the Scene in Glendale. Alternative/Prog rock explosion!!! Save the date and go! I'm getting more details from the promoter--like cover charge, set times, set length, etc!!!