Redux of Shiner/Houston

Ok, last night it was too late to blog since I had to wake up early this morning to water a mom's friends' plants. Anyways, I re'eqed 2 sets from Spaceland in Silverlake from May 19th, 2002. What a great show, I was so giddy when I was transferring these sets to my edirol.

I'm sad to say tho I listened back to 2 minidiscs that are not fairing well, my acclaimed Houston & Shiner sets from 2001 (November 1), @ The Curtain Club. I've yet to listen to the sets by both bands from November 2nd, 2001 @ Emo's in Austin, TX.

Hopefully finding the copies of the audio CDs will cover these bases.

Right now I'm listening to the Houston show and it sounds great. I'm glad I didn't have to get another minidisc player to re-do my shows. Once I'm done listening to this set again from Itunes, I'm going to see if the 11/2/01 show from Austin lasted, which I am half doubtful and half hopeful.

Here's the links:
The Houston set 05/19/02 TOTAL MB=57.2MB: Download Here...
The Shiner set 05/19/02 TOTAL MB=81.6MB: Download Here...



  1. One of the first reviews I ever wrote for The Big Takeover was for the reissue of Shiner's "Making Love" EP. I thought it was pretty cool!


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