Bootleg D/L update

The first night of Dredg at the Troubadour on May 22nd. Beautiful set. Highlights for me was "The Canyon Behind Her" and the new album songs. Terrific band!!!

dredg @ Troubadour 5/22/09 Download here...

Ahhh, The Life and Times, an awesome band from KCMO (Kansas City, MO). Allen Epley of ex-Shiner fame takes his latest adventure in the form of a 3-pc. Wonderful band live and off the stage. Played a majority of Tragic Boogie which was such a treat. The album was recorded early last year I think and they finally found a home for the album in the form of Arena Rock Records late last year. Tragic Boogie was released on 4/14/09. It was a long overdue album and the wait was worth every minute. The following is a show that happened in May.

The Life and Times @ Spaceland 5/18/09 Download here...

The next show is an older one from last year's summer. An awesome night that introduced LA fans to 5 new songs from the forthcoming Tragic Boogie. This was the first time I heard "The Politics of Driving."

The Life and Times Download here...

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  1. Thank you so much for these!! These are really great!! I would love to see some more older shows from them. I've been looking for some shows between the years 2003 to 2006, since those are my favorite years of the band. Anyways, thanks a bunch man!!

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  3. Any idea when you will have back up and running? Really hoping your bootleg list will be up on there for download.


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