Music Schlack Shows July Ed!

Below are a list of shows that I'll be attending. NOTE: no shows in September... yet.

20090711 Tortoise @ The Troubadour
20090717 Three Mile Pilot @ Spaceland
20090719 Sonomaris @ The Scene (I booked this show!!!)
20090722 Elbow @ The Wiltern
20090731 The Great Deceivers @ Versai
20090807 The Black Heart Procession @ Spaceland (Not sure if I'm going to this)
20090811 Sunn O))) @ Center for the Arts in Eagle Rock
20090814 El Ten Eleven @ Bootleg Theater (Homecoming from a month long tour!)
20091011 Sunny Day Real Estate @ Henry Fonda Theater (I need a ticket as well as 2 more friends
20091013 Mono / Maserati @ El Rey Theater
20091015 The Jesus Lizard @ Henry Fonda Theater

And I'm seriously backlogged on shows that I need to release on my other site ( Ughhh, that's going to be awhile and I also want to redo my minidisc shows. I think I have well over a 100 minidiscs too. Some classic shows that were digitized. Stay golden, folks!


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