The Week & Weekend in 6/4

I made a trip to Hydrahead's (Yes We're) Vacation Vinyl Record Store today. Wow, lot's of goodies to be found in there and scored 2 vinyls (pistachio & green tea colored) of Cave In's new 12" EP "Planets of Old" and the Russian Circles/These Arms Are Snakes split 12" (clear white vinyl). They have a small stockpile of Cave In's "Planets of Old" at the store. Man, they had a lot of cool vinyl in there. Luckily I refrained from buying more. Lot of collector's vinyls in there that were nicely priced. The decor was simple and cool. For a specialized store like that, all you need is a person to operate the register and hand out change. They do have a separate sections for rock, hip hop, "unholy metal," and others. A collection of interesting 7". A medium sized selection of CDs, most of which are hydrahead releases. Overall rating of the store: A+.

Excited this week for opening sets of [Post Foetus] and Emily Wells @ Spaceland on Wednesday. The headliner for the evening is Themselves. I love both the opening bands, full of energy and eclectic styles of talent. Saw [Post Foetus] open for Kárin Tatoyan @ the Echo. I saw Emily Wells @ Hotel Cafe playing a set before El Ten Eleven.

This past week I saw Elbow @ the Wiltern Theater on Wednesday. Elbow was amazin' and tight. They played lots from their recent release, "The Seldom Seen Kid," and various melodies from their previous albums. I was hoping for more from "Cast of Thousands," but oh well, I should've seen them back then when I had the chance... which was at Spaceland and they played a short 6 song set. They weren't very popular then, but after "Leaders of the Free World" came out, then the spark happened among fans. Mellowdrone & Jesca Hoop opened. I have to say, that Mellowdrone have changed their style a bit from their older days of dark shoegazin. Embarrassing to say, it's gone more adult contemporary and less experimental and rocky. Shame, their older stuff was great, can't say the same for the newer mat'l. Jesca Hoop was just her, her back up vocalist, and an acoustic guitar that was rarely strummed, but more plucked individual strings. The set was enchanting for a bit, but not enough for me to race to the merch booth to buy a CD. However, I did score a $10 balcony ticket for Gomez on 8/3 @ the Wiltern...


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