Happy Happy!!! Joy Joy!!!

I got me some Mew tix for the Troubadour on 9/1!!! Found out thru the newsletter an hour it was sent out!!! I jumped on the opportunity cos I know this show will go fast!!!

BTW, this makes up for not seeing Mew open for NIN for Wave Goodbye final dates. Now I don't have to see NIN to see Mew!!! AWESOME! Altho, I sort of miss NIN, but $65 for 1 ticket, good grief, man.

Status: I have xferred my buddy's old band, Anandasong @ the Alterknit Lounge. Dave Wessner, you and your talent are missed!!! I still listen to "A fortunate fall" to this very day. You can d/l the album here. Remember to listen to your odd musical signature intervals folks!!!


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