In ze Beginninz...

Ahh, yes, my 1st blog... Hmm where to begin, where to start?

Well, I'm an avid music lover in the sense that I go to many shows/concerts.

I also play guitar and a little bit of bass. I haven't sequenced in Fruity Loops in about a year; need to jump on that soonish but I need a working PC. My lappy needs a specific video driver to enchance the visuals before I install WinXP on der.

Oh, excitin' news, Cave In released a digital single from their upcoming 12" vinyl release of "Planets of Old." As soon as Antenna is done playing, I will listen to this new track that was released today!!!

Oh yeah, I booked my 1st show for my buddy's band, Sonomaris! It's on July 19th, Sunday at the Scene in Glendale. Alternative/Prog rock explosion!!! Save the date and go! I'm getting more details from the promoter--like cover charge, set times, set length, etc!!!



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