Minidisc Xfer Update

A few days ago, I transferred my Boilermaker show from October 7, 2001 from the Casbah. It was Boilermaker's CD release show for "Leucadia." It was my 1st and last show that I went to. It was a special show, they had just obtained the rights to their music and "Leucadia" was a compilation of the previous 3 albums they released including 2 new tracks.

Last November Terrin Durfey of Boilermaker fame passed away from a bout with cancer.

Moving on to today, I transferred a few more shows. I'm doing this in chronological order (or the ones that are marked w/dates I do first) and started this afternoon with a soundboard recording of No Knife from the Casbah on the night of their CD release show for their album, "Riot For Romance!" It was a pretty sweet night, cause Houston opened and Denali played. At the time I had no idea who Denali was and it's a shame that I didn't record their set that night. I was totally blown away tho. Great stuff!!! Houston's set was a soundboard recording, but that one was not mixed from the board too well. I did transfer that set, but I'm going to sit on that one for awhile till I release it.

Oh yeah, rewind to a few days ago, I was able to transfer both Houston and Shiner sets from November 2nd, 2001. Shiner's set was the infamous "The Egg" in its entirety. I still have to find those discs from the November 1st, 2001 shows of Houston & Shiner. The 2nd (11/2/01) show has a lot of natural reverb so it has a certain feel but I prefer the 1st (11/1/01) show over the 2nd cos there's no natural reverb to worry about.

Perhaps I'll work on it tonight? Maybe? I need to do some catching up on TV, but maybe...


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